P.O.W. Diary 1945 February 11 1945 Stalag VIIIB J.H.Hallam

Februari 11 1945 Sunday


Slept very well, undressed too. We had coffee, and a piece of bread and jam for breakfast. Hefty has brought our brew can full of hot tea, here goes for a hot drink, tea marvellous!  Weather is excellent today for time of year. Bunzlau supposed fallen, moving 8  kilometer after dinner. My feet hurt a little, and we have to carry our gear. Soup today without salt. 123 of us in great hall, very crowded. Army and civvy evacuees fill the roads. We buy three pigs off civvy. Everybody is without smoke. Have a decent stew this evening.



Bunzlau   = Boleslawiec  Polish name.  ( about 100km from Dresden).