P.O.W. Diary 1945 February 12 1945 Stalag VIIIB J.H.Hallam

Februari 12 1945 Monday.


Did not sleep very well! Snowed all night, civvies packing all night. Feet are sore, hope march is not far. Good lord, what a march, I’m just about all in. Put up at a farm. Dick got a ration of bread off a soldier, patiently waiting for the soup to come up. Now 4 kilometre outside Görlitz, might go to Stalag there. Soup is up thank goodness, too very tasty. Making a soup for later too. Weather cold. I have got tucked up in the blankets. We tasted a little bit of chicken broth one of the boys had cooked up in our pot, very tasty too. Roll on warm weather.




Görlitz is a town on the absolute eastmost edge of Germany on the Lusatian Neisse River, in the Bundesland (Federal State) of Saxony. It is opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec, which was a part of Görlitz until 1945.