Prisoner of War Post 19441118


Write very clearly in the lines to avoid delays in censorship. No Enclosures allowed.


Nurse L.M.Cooper

City General Hospital

Sheffield 5



Dear Henry, Many thanks for your letter & card dated 18 & 26 Sept. I was very pleased to receive them as I hadn't heard from you for a few weeks. Before I go any further I must wish you “a very happy Xmas & New Year” & trust this message will arrive in time. I hope you all have a real good time especially as we hope it will be your last Xmas in captivity. I'm looking forward to Easter as you say you'll probably be home by then. My exam should be over by then so I shall be free to make “whoopee”. The Park & Jenkins are still at home, you know. I'm doing my best to slim so that I can manage to sit on your crossbar again & no tipping me off in a bed of nettles! Do you remember? Or going headlong down the bank into the back water. What about going violeting in & behind the wood? It'll be almost as new to me as it is to you. I don't think we really appreciate home until we're away from it. I'm absolutely tired of town life. Mother & everyone at home send their love to you. Eva is working for Stan Sheldon at their home now. She had a row with Ken Lee so she more or less “got the sack”. She likes her new job better anyway now & Ivy leaves school at Easter. I don't know what she's going to do. I'd like her to go to the Tech. College & train for a job but she's too shy to do anything like that. I tell her she'll never get anywhere if she doesn't get over it. I was just as shy as her ---- but you should see me now! Well what I haven't written I'll tell you when I see you in perhaps only another 4 or 5 months. Am I looking forward to that day ---- oh, boy! Remember me to the other boys. Don't forget we'll carry on where we left off 5 years ago. Best Love. May. The babies at your house are grand.





IMPORTANT: For a prisoner in German hands the Prisoner of War No. Must be clearly shown. It must not be confused with his British service number.


This letter formed part of undelivered mails which fell into the hands of the Allied Forces in Germany. It is undeliverable as addressed, and is therefore returned to you.


Passed P.W.7903

East Stoke School 1944/5 (?)

Ivy Cooper 5th from right, back row.


East Stoke School under Polly Wright 1


East Stoke School 1937 Polly Wright

Eva Cooper in the pinafore, 1937.

East Stoke Parochial School, Nottinghamshire.

Polly Wright was the iconic village teacher, who Ivy later went to work for.