Sept 27 1945





Thursday. Sept. 27.45.



Well how do you feel this morning after your ordeal, did you sleep at all, I don't believe you did, I think you were tossing and turning about all night, am I right?

I have just had a letter from mother, she says give May my love when you see her --- she will know by now that we are going home for the weekend.

Dorothy's husband is A.W.L. so they have stopped her money, what the hell he is doing I don't know, he isn't at his own home, and not at Stoke, he has caused quite a disturbance the damn fool.

I have been down town for a walk again this morning, there are no trains from Sheffield to Bradford after ten o'clock Sunday, but a new timetable starts on Sunday I think he said, still it does not matter a deal so long as I get back by dinner Monday.

Well my dear, that is about all the news. I have written some very poor letters this week, but you will forgive me won't you, so keep your chin up dear it will soon be Saturday now.

All my love, darling

for always,






Cryptic Message.


photo : cryptic message slotion 1945 09 27_solution

' P.S. Just a little line extra to say I love you, darling it is God's greatest gift, something that lasts through the ages, and forever. Henry X X X'.


Nurse L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield 5..


photo : Portrait of Trooper J.H.Hallam's sister, Dorothy, with floarl decoration.




A.W.L. AWOL Absent without official leave. After 30 days the offender becomes a deserter.