Sgt Eric H Cooper RAF VR - records explained


This is a well researched  document of the history of Sgt Eric Cooper's career as an air gunner in the Royal Air Force, up and until his "Killed In Action" death or KIA.



Sgt Eric H Cooper RAF VR - records explained





Date of movement = Arrival -

4th January 1941 – joins up as a Volunteer Reserve


5th January 1941 – 2 RC Cardington Reserve - (RC = Recruit Centre and so number 2 Recruit Centre at Cardington awaiting call forward)


7th April 1941 – 2 RC Cardington – (probably called forward for medical and basic kit issue)


11th April 1941 – 3W. 12 RC – number 3 Wing of number 12 Recruit Centre was Bournemouth – (probably ‘square bashing’ and such like basic training)


9th May 1941 – 57 OTU – RAF Hawarden (Training Unit for single seat fighter pilots) this has ‘HH’ in the REASON column - Headquarters Holding (means Eric was put on hold there until his gunnery could begin)


7th Nov 1941 – 8th AGS (Air Gunnery School) – RAF Evanton (this post is very feint on his record card)


16th April 1942 - 12 OTU – RAF Chipping Warden – Wellington OTU (Eric was introduced to operating as crew on this aircraft type)


12th June 1942 – posted to 101 Squadron (Wellington) RAF Oakington – (operational squadron)


5th July 1942 – posted to 214 Squadron (Stirling) RAF Stradishall – (second operational squadron)


24th July 1942 KIA Holland





Eric Cooper – his first 12 months in the RAF

Eric’s postings April – July 1942


Eric’s Operational Sorties with 101 Sqn Wellington

Eric’s Operational Sorties with 214 Sqn (Stirling)


Many thanks to his nephew, Mr. Richard Hallam, MBE for this research and maps.


Note: the red lines are representalional only, not actual routes flown.