Stradishall Thurs night 2


Postmarked 15 July 1942 Newmarket, Suffolk (? Possibly correct envelope ?)


Sat. night

Dear mam and all

Thanks for socks and letter received today, I rather thought I had more socks than that though, still I’ll manage some road. I must write to May tonight too, she wrote me yesterday, quite a nice long letter, she seems quite happy there. I’m rather surprised that Richard is thinking of writing to me, I’d like to hear from him of course, but I haven’t seen him for such a long time, I thought he’d forgotten me by now. Please send as many cigs. As possible I’ll pay you on Fri. all being well, I can’t get a smoke here, send Craven A if you can, or any decent ones for that matter. Now mam I’ll drop May a few lines, so for now I’ll say Cheerio and all love from

Eric x