Stradishall Thurs nightb


Thurs. night

Dear mam and all,

Thanks for the letter received o.k. today, thank Eva a lot for her letter, I hope she doesn’t get called up after all, she shouldn’t if she minds her P’s and Q’s. I’m quite satisfied with this camp and I’m billeted in a place something similar to Stoke Hall, I love it too, I wouldn’t mind living here after the war, I’m sure you would like this part of the country. As I’m writing to you from my bedroom, I can look out of the windows across the huge park and then a little to the left are the hall gardens which just at present are a charming site, I wish you could come and look round for a day, it’s much nicer than even South Elkington. Well  mam I must go and get a bath etc. so for now I’ll say goodnight and Cheerio., best love from

Eric xx