Stradishall Tues night 1942 04 21

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Tues Night.

Dear mam and all
    Sorry I didn't write yesterday, but somehow or other I didn't seem to have time. I had a letter from Maurice today, he says he's o.k. but there's an acute shortage of beer round those parts, I think that's his only worry in life just at present. I hope you've been able to get me some fags, what a miserable time it seems to be never any fags in the place and we're so far from everywhere. Ivy  doesn't seem to bother writing to me, at all, I'm afraid I'll have to finish with her altogether if she doesn't,
tell her I think she's mean. Now mam supper time draws on and I want to scribble a few  lines to Maurice if I can, so for now I'll say goodnight and best love from

Eric xx

P.s. I haven't heard from Richard.

'Maurice' is Maurice Sheldon, also from East Stoke, son of the local big farmer.