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Submitting Content to Stalag VIIIB (dot com ) Web site




Adding additional Content to this site.


Additional content is welcome on this site, there were many thousands of prisoners held in Stalag VIIIB, of many nationalities, and I would be happy to create space similiar to that of Trooper Joseph Henry  Hallam.

I have set no limitations on the amount of content, currently the site has over 700 seperate pages and I think I have room for another 9,500!

I would welcome photographs, poetry, sketches, etc, original documents relating to that period, and very importantly, letters to and from the camp, and possibly the time up to, and post re-patriation.

I can also accept video or sound. This is useful if there are any recordings of interviews or poetry reading made by the veterans.

I have tried to make the website as a monument in time and space to these unique men, and at the same time, make these fast dissappearing peices of information available to the succeeding generations and students of modern history.


If you wish to submit your own content, please contact me at you will be able to do this from your own home if you wish.


Documents may be submitted in any language, and if necessary, I can make the site multilingual.


There will be no copyright on any material on this site,(unless it is expressly stated by a contributor)  the site is   non-commercial, and is sponsored and hosted by MLS Multilingualservices Limited. All information and documents are freely available to all,for non-profit or educational use, and if re-published, I simply ask that the source is referenced.


If you would like to submit your own relevant website to my list of 'useful links',               please email me.


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Eric Hallam

April 05 2011

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