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Netherlands 88 --148

1939 - 1945

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Uden War Cemetery

Minor Cemeteries in the

Province of North Brabant.


The lands in the Netherlands occupied as Commonwealth War Cemeteries or graves were generously provided by the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands under the terms of the War Graves Agreement, signed at the Hague, on the 10th July, 1951 between the governments of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, India and Pakistan and the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Werkendam Protestant Cemetery.

(Index No. NL. 145 )


Werkendam is a village and commune & 7 1/2 miles north of Geertruidenberg and 21/2 miles south west of Gorinchem.

Werkendam is in the Heusden - en - Altena region, which is bordered by the Brabant bulrush wood. throughout the German occupation, particularly in the winter of 1944-1945, this wood was a favourite 'hide-out' for airmen and soldiers trying to escape capture by the enemy. there was an emergency hospital in Werkendam where the wounded were cared for, and those who died there are buried in the village cemetery.

this cemetery is adjacent to the Protestant church, which is in the centre of the village. in the north-east corner are 23 British and Allied graves, one of which is the resting place of Sgt.Eric Cooper.


Cooper, Sgt. (Air Gnr.) Eric Harold, 1223659. R.A.F. (V.R.) 214 Sqdn. 24 th July, 1942. Age 21. Son of Henry and Julia Cooper, of East Stoke, Nottinghamshire. Row 8. Grave 3.

Other crew members were:

Dobson, Sgt. (Flt. Engr.) Denis Frank

Fleming Sgt. ( Air Gnr.) John Brown

Peel Pilot Offr. (Pilot) Jack Dempsey

Thorne Sgt. (Air Gnr.) Frederick Arthur William

Withers Flt. Sgt. (Obs.) Peter John


(here a photo of the cemetery)





Cover of the Uden War Cemetery & Minor Cemeteries in the Province of North Brabant ( Holland)

Compiled and published by order of The Imperial War Graves Commission. 1957.


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