Werkendam Protestant Church War Graves Cemetery


Werkendam Protestant Church War Graves Cemetery:


photo :Werkendam. The site of the War Graves. Photo taken by the organisers of a visit for the benefit of the suviving relatives.

Date 1950's(?)



Photo : Surviving relatives visiting the War Graves in Werkendam circa 1950/60's.

I beleive they were the guests of the Dutch government, and the relatives stayed in the homes of the Dutch people. In this photograph, Eric Coopers sisters are in the 4th row from the front, sister Ivy is behind the man carrying his hat. Eva is next to her, but not visible. Eric's mother was too old and frail to make the journey.

The google map shows the location of the church, and the layout of the graves is at the bottom of the cemetery. In the churchyard itself, is a huge German bunker/anti-aircraft concrete building, now covered in ivy (Hedera helix, lier, klimop)

photo : Coffee & Biscuits organized by the Gemeente Werkendam.

Sister Eva and Ivy Cooper on the first table, right hand side facing camera. Eva partly obscured by the portly gentleman.

Photo graph No 26 taken by: Foto Stekenburg, Spec Fotoreportage, Leusderweg 179 Gesloten Huis Amersfoort Telefoon 3233.


Eva and Ivy's Dutch hosts

The Dutch resistance worker who pulled Eric Coopers body from the wreckage of the aircraft.